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Twitter Chat: Gender Parity in Engineering


Women are significantly underrepresented in engineering, and this will be our topic for the 2/20/2013 8PM EST #BigBeacon Twitter Chat. Our discussion will include such topics as stereotypes and bias.

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Why So Few: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Additional Reading

Generation STEM: What girls say about Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math 

Women’s Role in Engineering

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Questions for the Twitter Chat

  1. Women are Underrepresented in Engineering. Why does this matter? Why do we care?
  2. Girls are interested in STEM, but a majority do not pursue it. Why is this and how do we change it?
  3. Stereotype: Engineering is masculine. How can we challenge this stereotype?
  4. Does the stereotype that boys are better than girls in math and science still affect girls today?
  5. What can we do in colleges and universities to attract and retain women in engineering?
  6. Does implicit bias against women still exist and influence participation in engineering?
  7. What are you doing to influence parity for women in engineering?

Twitter Chat Summary

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In addition, you can still participate in the conversation by using the #bigbeacon hashtag at anytime, or posting comments on this thread.

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