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Big Beacon Visualization Challenge

Big Beacon Visualization Challenge Poster

Join the movement to transform engineering education, and make a statement using more than words alone! You are invited to submit an entry to this year’s BIG BEACON Engineering Education Visualization Challenge, and become a Big Beacon Ambassador.  Big Beacon is a movement to transform engineering education. Read the Manifesto, and let those words inspire your visualization creation!

  • Who can enter? Individuals or groups. You can be a student, engineer, educator, parent, organization, team, study group, anyone…
  • What can you submit? Entries can include: Photography, Illustration, Posters and Graphics, Games & Apps, and Videos
  • How do you submit? Submit your entry by posting on Twitter using #BeBigBeacon.

Winning entries will be published monthly on the Big Beacon website, newsletter, and Facebook Page. Entry deadline is the last day of each month throughout 2013.


>> Your visualization must be inspired by and positively representative of the Big Beacon Manifesto.

>> Mention “Big Beacon: A Movement to Transform Engineering Education” in your visualization.

>> Where you post on the web doesn’t matter, but share it with us and the world on Twitter using hashtag #BeBigBeacon.

Like the Big Beacon?

Become an Ambassador. Be a Big Beacon.

If you are a student, or part of a student organization, and interested in joining a student network of Big Beacon Ambassadors, please contact Meagan Pollock for more information.

Examples from 2012

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