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Big Beacon’s Kai Zhuang interviewed on The Engineering Commons Podcast

This week on The Engineering Commons Podcast,  Big Beacon’s volunteer Kai Zhuang discusses evolving relationships between technology and humanity, especially as it relates to engineering education. Frustrated by his own experiences as an engineering student, Kai is working to modify engineering education into a less rigid format that encourages self-discovery and trans-disciplinary explorations.  Check out the show!

“The Engineering Commons” is an entertaining podcast that provides practical insights into the world of engineering. Released every other Thursday, co-hosts Adam, Brian, Carmen and Jeff tackle issues of interest to today’s engineering professional. Often guided by a guest expert, the podcast delves into overarching topics that affect all engineers, regardless of their industry or technical field.

Check out the show: The Engineering Commons Podcast Episode 54 – “The Brain on A Stick Engineer”

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