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Twitter chat: Engineering Students as Drivers of Change 10/9/2013

Guest author and co-host:  Laurie Moore, Communications Lead for National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter) at Stanford University   Change in engineering education comes in many different forms and from many different sources. At Epicenter, we work to help engineering undergraduates combine their technical skills with an entrepreneurial mindset, and we’ve found that students are some of…

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Twitter Chat: Engineering Orientation Experiences

  Welcome to the Big Beacon twitter chat, where we explore ideas and community relevant to the transformation of engineering education every week.  Look for hashtag #BigBeacon every Wednesday at 8 pm EST. This week Wednesday September 25th will be a discussion around Engineering Orientation, sometimes called Frosh Week, Freshers Week, or Welcome Week.  For many engineering students, it's a…

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Twitter chat: Citizen Engineers, Global Engineers and Whole New Engineers

  Tonight's twitter chat topic will be 'Citizen Engineers, Global Engineers, and Whole New Engineers'. Join us at 8 pm EST on twitter at #BigBeacon to join the conversation. All with interest in STEM education, engineering and engineering education are welcome! The Big Beacon proposes a world where the engineering profession is made up of Whole New Engineers, who are:…

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What’s the engineering type?

During a recent twitter chat with the Big Beacon community, the question came up of whether in order to be successful in the profession, an engineer will always need to be “a certain type” of person. It got me to thinking: what is that engineering type? Sooner the this remiss onto got received Amazon Used: Hair. Standing propecia…

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Twitter Chat: Rigor in Engineering Education

Please join us at 8 pm EST on Wednesday May 29th on twitter, hashtag #BigBeacon for our weekly twitter chat. This week's topic is Rigor in Engineering Education. "Look to the left, look to the right. One of you will not be here at the end of this year." Thus began the engineering education experience of many of today's practicing…

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Joy in Engineering: Some real-life data points

Last night I hosted the Big Beacon twitter chat, Joy in Engineering. After introductions to welcome participants from the engineering community (including professional engineers, engineering students and engineering educators) in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, the topic was served up:   This 1st day of May we're looking at the 1st point in the #BigBeacon manifesto: A Whole New…

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Twitter chat: Joy in Engineering

Joy in engineering. That's right - joy in engineering. It might seem like a strange topic or an unlikely pairing. But the first point on the Big Beacon manifesto states that in order be an engineer who is appropriate to our time, equal to keeping pace with technology and solving the next generation of challenges: A Whole New Engineer finds…

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Engineers Rule the World (or do they?)

Since joining up with The Big Beacon to discuss how A Whole New Engineering Education can produce A Whole New Engineer in the future, I have been thinking a lot about my own engineering education experience. Studying engineering is not just about academic rigour - though there is plenty of that! It's also about an identity; being a member of…

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Twitter Chat: Creativity in Engineering

The earliest engineers were renaissance thinkers and visionaries.  In the tradition of Leonardo daVinci, many were gifted artists as well as technical experts. Creativity as it appears (or doesn't) in engineering education and professional practice today is up for discussion on the Big Beacon Twitter chat tonight! Join us for the #BigBeacon Twitter Chat 2/27/2013 8PM EST.   We'll explore these…

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