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The Engineering Commons Podcast: Enacting Change through Social License

Pamela Rogalski, CEO of the Engineering Leadership Council (a supporting affiliate of Big Beacon), is interviewed in the latest episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast. Learn the definition of "social license," and discover how change can be enacted by aligning common values of corporations and communities. Pamela reveals the central hub for decision-making in many organizations, and also shares the…

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The Engineering Commons Podcast: What Engineers Do

In the latest episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast, engineers Adam, Brian, Carmen, and Jeff discuss engineering skills and duties learned in the workplace, rather than from a textbook. They all agree that solving equations is a small portion of an engineer's job! Check out the The Engineering Commons podcast: Episode 57 – What Engineers Do. A media affiliate of…

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The Engineering Commons Podcast: Learn More about the Ubiquitous Engine

In a new episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast, aeronautical engineer Clay Coons describes the most common types of engines, and the applications in which they are most appropriate. Learn the differences between spark-ignition, diesel, gas turbine, jet, and rocket engines. Mr. Coons also shares his philosophy on keeping cars running for at least 250,000 miles! Check out the The Engineering…

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