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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – Giving STEM Students Space to Innovate – February 25

In the last decade, the popularity of student maker and innovation spaces at colleges and universities has grown exponentially, especially among students majoring in STEM fields. These types of spaces are often used to supplement classroom-based courses or provide students with a place to work on projects that may not have a natural home in a research lab. Innovation spaces…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – Reaching & Retaining #GirlsInSTEM – Wed Jan 28

Though women make up nearly half of the working population, they remain underrepresented in STEM occupations, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In fact, women accounted for just 24 percent of workers in STEM, and only one in 10 STEM professionals is a minority woman. Experts point to a number of reasons for this gender disparity, from girls losing interest…

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Women in Space and Engineering

This is a guest post written by Jeanna Heeraman who worked in collaboration with the Telegraph Jobs team to launch a new STEM and aerospace resource called “Women in Space”. Demand for engineers in the UK has never been stronger with Engineering UK predicting a requirement of 87,000 new engineers per annum for the next decade. In this context, it is…

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Student-centered vs. Teacher-centered instruction – Twitter Chat Oct 8, 2014

Guest blog written by Scott Nichols Greetings Big Beacon community members and Twitter followers interested in reforming engineering education: Come join me, Scott Nichols, to discuss how student-centered vs. teacher-centered instruction may influence the quality of engineering programs. We will get started on Wednesday, October 8th at 8:00 pm, Eastern Time. As the global economy rapidly grows, more and more…

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Engineers Week Twitter Chat: Inspire the Engineer Inside

Curious to know what people in STEM fields love about their jobs? Ever wonder what it takes to begin a STEM career? Join experts from Project Lead The Way (PLTW), Lockheed Martin, USA Science and Engineering Festival, Bucknell University, and special guest Big Beacon on Twitter to discuss the many paths to careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. PLTW…

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Twitter Chat: The Business Side of Science – Making STEM Sexy to Students

Intro written by Darren Leva Math and Science are not often thought of as "cool" or "sexy" before students reach college age. Arguably, the years leading up to college are the most important in "selling" students on STEM. Making science and math sexy during these formative years could help drive interest in pursuing STEM degrees, but how?   Herd mentality…

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Twitter Chat: Equity and Access in STEM

Join NAPE CEO Mimi Lufkin in a Twitter Chat About Access & Equity in STEM NAPE CEO Mimi Lufkin will lead a discussion about equity and access in STEM as a guest host of the Big Beacon Twitter Chat on Wednesday, September 11, 2013, at 8 PM ET. The weekly #BigBeacon Twitter Chat is a time when educators, professionals, and students…

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