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Unleashing Students: Twitter Chat 4/10/13 @ 8PM Eastern

bb_twitterchatBig Beacon is a movement to transform engineering education. We recognize that the status quo will not go easily, but go it must! The Big Beacon Manifesto states:

Engineering education… is a joyful, trusting process that delights in serving student aspirations, learning, and growth, unleashing the potential of each individual.

What are your thoughts on better serving our students to reach their potential?

Invitation. Please join us for our weekly twitter chat tonight on the topic of Unleashing Students.

What are you doing, or what can we do, to improve engineering education (or K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math education) so that students are unleashed to reach their full potential?

We welcome you to share your thoughts, ideas, experience, and perspectives!  This may include K-12 STEM educators, university or college engineering professors or advisors, graduate engineering education students, student  leaders, managers of newly hired graduates, parents, or anyone who cares about serving students. See you tonight, 4/10/13 @ 8:00 PM Eastern on Twitter using hashtag #BigBeacon.

How to do a twitter chat. If you don’t have a twitter account, sign up for one at  They’re free. If you do have an account, sign onto twitter with your account at 8pm ET on Wednesday night, do a search on #BigBeacon, and you’re in business. The stream of tweets from the chat will appear on your screen.  If you’d like to contribute your two cents (or more), simply send a tweet and append the hashtag #BigBeacon to your tweet and others following see it.

How to make it even easier with If you’d like an easier way to go, simply use the tool which tracks all the tweets with your specified hashtag and it appends your hashtag to outgoing tweets, so others will see them.

Resources for reflection before the chat. For those who would like to reflect on the topic ahead of time:

Questions for reflection before the chat. A number of open-ended questions for reflection follow:

  • What does the phrase unleashing students mean to you?
  • What are the benefits of unleashing students?
  • What are the problems with unleashing students?
  • Which Big Beacon Manifesto ideas best align to your vision of how we can unleash students?
  • What are some ways we can engage students in this discussion?
  • How can we empower students to be leaders of their own educational journey?
  • What if there were a grassroots effort among students to rewire their engineering education?
  • How can we gain momentum among students influence change?

Review the Twitter Chat Summary here:

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