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Twitter chat: Citizen Engineers, Global Engineers and Whole New Engineers



Tonight’s twitter chat topic will be ‘Citizen Engineers, Global Engineers, and Whole New Engineers’. Join us at 8 pm EST on twitter at #BigBeacon to join the conversation. All with interest in STEM education, engineering and engineering education are welcome!

The Big Beacon proposes a world where the engineering profession is made up of Whole New Engineers, who are:

“…not left-brained equation solvers working in isolation from human needs, challenges, and opportunities. Engineers are whole-brained, whole-bodied human beings – whole new engineers- who come fully assembled, ready for some of the most important collaborative action of our times.”

As an organization, Big Beacon is not alone in pursuing this vision of engineers as multi-faceted, socially-engaged leaders and problem-solvers. Engineers Without Borders Canada aims to create the engineering profession of tomorrow as a community of Global Engineers:

A global engineer is someone with the intellect, skills, and abilities to effectively address the complex challenges of the 21st century

A related movement aims to create Citizen Engineers:

Citizen Engineers are technically, environmentally, and socially responsible engineers. They have the skills to empathize, frame, ideate, prototype, validate and scale solutions for the world’s toughest problems.

During tonight’s twitter chat, we’ll explore these movements. How are they related? How do they differ? What are their respective

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successes to date? What could they mean for the future of the profession, and society in general? How can we (as educators, students and professionals) support these movements, or even get involved ourselves?

While a traditional mindset would call for eliminating competition between related but independent movements, we at Big Beacon embrace these ‘sister’ movements and look for opportunities to re-inforce and support each other. As a community interested in changing the way that engineers are recruited, educated and trained, we can work together to create the ‘fly-wheel effect’ (where an input of energy is amplified instead of dissipated by the system), and even greater momentum for positive change is possible.

If you identify yourself as a Citizen Engineer, a Global Engineer, or a Whole New Engineer, or a supporter of the movement that seeks to create them, then we want to hear from you! Join us tonight at 8 pm EST on twitter at #BigBeacon.

A Canadian professional engineer with a background in manufacturing and mining, Erica is passionate about creating a better future through Six Sigma, Lean/Kaizen Events, mentorship, coaching, sustainability, educational reform and talking to kids about engineering.

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