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The Engineering Commons Podcast: Learn More about the Ubiquitous Engine

In a new episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast, aeronautical engineer Clay Coons describes the most common types of engines, and the applications in which they are most appropriate. Learn the differences between spark-ignition, diesel, gas turbine, jet, and rocket engines. Mr. Coons also shares his philosophy on keeping cars running for at least 250,000 miles!

Check out the The Engineering Commons podcast: Episode 55 – Engines.

A media affiliate of Big Beacon, “The Engineering Commons” is an entertaining podcast that provides practical insights into the world of engineering. Co-hosts Adam, Brian, Carmen and Jeff tackle issues of interest to today’s engineering professional. Often guided by a guest expert, the podcast delves into overarching topics that affect all engineers, regardless of their industry or technical field.  New episodes appear every other week.

Engineering students often get a lot of thermodynamics and mechanical knowledge but do not always get the context for how these principles operate in the real world.  Check out this podcast episode for an informative discussion about the ubiquitous engine – invented some centuries ago but still one of the most important devices of our modern life.


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