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The Engineering Commons Podcast: Enacting Change through Social License

Pamela Rogalski, CEO of the Engineering Leadership Council (a supporting affiliate of Big Beacon), is interviewed in the latest episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast. Learn the definition of “social license,” and discover how change can be enacted by aligning common values of corporations and communities. Pamela reveals the central hub for decision-making in many organizations, and also shares the duties and responsibilities of a geological engineer!

Check out The Engineering Commons podcast: Episode 60 – Social License.

A media affiliate of Big Beacon, “The Engineering Commons” is an entertaining podcast that provides practical insights into the world of engineering. Co-hosts Adam, Brian, Carmen and Jeff tackle issues of interest to today’s engineering professional. Often guided by a guest expert, the podcast delves into overarching topics that affect all engineers, regardless of their industry or technical field. New episodes appear every other week.

Engineers often see sub-optimal performance in technical systems, but are unsure how to motivate change within organizations or bureaucracies. Check out this podcast episode for an informative discussion about uncovering shared values, and steadily working toward the alignment of organizational and community goals.

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