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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Mar 16 – Engineers & Leadership

Engineers fill many roles, but one role that may not readily come to mind is that of a “leader”.  Yet in today’s world of complex environmental challenges, aging and failing infrastructure, and increasing interconnection between the natural and built environments; engineers as leaders is exactly what society, and the profession, needs.

On Wednesday, March 16 at 8:00 pm ET, please join Christian Knutson using the Twitter account @TheEngineerLead, using the hashtag #BigBeacon to chat about the following questions:
  • What are the special attributes that leaders exhibit?
  • How does one become a leader?
  • What does leadership, from the engineer’s perspective, look like?
In this chat we will unpack characteristics, challenges, and ways to cultivate leadership…from an engineer’s perspective.

About Christian Knutson

Christian_KnutsonChristian Knutson, P.E., PMP is a leader, coach and practitioner in the area of infrastructure program management, strategy alignment/development and team/organizational leadership. With over two decades as a civil engineer field grade officer in the U.S. Air Force, Knutson has developed the soft skills necessary for an engineer to be successful on project/program execution and leading people. He has helped engineers grow personally and to develop as leaders through leadership positions in the Air Force and also through his writing at The Engineer Leader blog over the past few years. Knutson now blogs regularly on The Engineering Career Coach site and serves as a periodic co-host on both The Engineering Career Coach (TECC) Podcast and The Civil Engineering Podcast (CEP).

About The Engineering Career Coach

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How to Twitter Chat

If you’ve never Twitter chatted before, don’t worry; it’s very easy! First, get a Twitter account if you don’t already have one, and log in. At 8 PM ET on Wednesday go to and type #BigBeacon into the search box on Twitter. Thereafter all the tweets with the hashtag #BigBeacon will show up on your Twitter page. To participate, simply express your opinion by sending a tweet, and be sure to append the hashtag #BigBeacon so other members of the Twitter Chat see you are posting. Alternatively, automate the hashtag search and append feature by using the free service Tchat at

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