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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Apr 20 – Junior Enterprise: Transforming Education – The Crunch: Juggling, Balancing & Prioritizing

Join Twitter chat (Hashtag: #BigBeacon) regulars as they join CUBE Consulting’s Josh Graham (@CUBEuiuc) for a Twitter discussion of Junior Enterprise: Transforming Education regarding Time Management in Education. The usual Socratic questions will be posed and all Twitter chat participants will be encouraged to engage in a lively chat on this impactful topic.

Engineering students are known the world over for a few different things: creativity, innovation, numerical prowess, and being tired and stressed.

This last pair frequently comes from a lack of careful time management, a skill that is frequently named and discussed, but seldom trained. Too often, students find themselves backed up against deadline after deadline, seemingly unable to create any space to breathe. Is this an individual failing, a weakness of the education system, or something else entirely?

One of CUBE Consulting’s Member Development Team members, Josh Graham (@CUBEuiuc), will be leading the conversation using the #BigBeacon handle. We hope that you will join us for our Twitter chat as CUBE Consulting asks:

How can students learn effective time management?

Consider the following questions:

  • How were/are you taught time management in college?
  • What skills/systems do you now employ for managing your time?
  • Does weekly homework really teach time management?
  • Are deadlines established by oneself more effective for keeping on track than external timelines?
  • How can students be allowed or encouraged to set their own timelines in classrooms without losing material?
  • What else can universities do to improve students’ abilities to manage their time?

CUBE Consulting invites you to join in on the conversation and share your time management tricks as well as insights into how you acquired those skills.

About CUBE

CUBE Consulting is a student-led consulting organization at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. CUBE Consulting strives to provide engineering and business students with the opportunity to apply classroom theory to real-world consulting projects with local businesses. As the first Junior Enterprise in the United States, CUBE Consulting provides students with international networking and organizational benchmarking.

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