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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – September 16 – The Student’s Entrepreneurial Mindset

Becoming an engineer is hard work.  But does it have to be all formulas and problem sets?  Or can we as professors engage students’ hearts as well as their minds? There are a group of faculty who believe the key to student success begins with cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset, encompassed by curiosity, connections and creating value for others. The question…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – June 24 – Maintaining Vision in the Face of Adversity

Working to make any kind of important change in the world can be difficult, stressful, and at times, unfulfilling. Our University Innovation Fellows are trying to change the way colleges and universities educate students. Many of them have encountered resistance from their peers and faculty, and many of them have failed at one point or another in their efforts. In…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – Junior Enterprise: Transforming Education – Diversity & Collaboration: Utilizing Different Perspectives

#BigBeacon Twitter chat on Wednesday, June 17, 8pm ET: Join twitter chat (Hashtag: #BigBeacon) regulars as they join CUBE Consulting’s Morgan Bakies (@mmbakies) and Josh Graham (@CUBEuiuc) for a twitter discussion of Junior Enterprise: Transforming Education regarding diversity education for engineers. The usual Socratic questions will be posed and all twitter chat participants will be encouraged to engage in a…

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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – June 10 – Equity in Engineering/K12 STEM Education

Join Dr. Meagan Pollock and Dr. Fay Cobb Payton as they discuss: How Do You Define Equity in Engineering or K12 STEM Education? About the Hosts Dr. Meagan Pollock is the Director of Professional Development for the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity. Before turning her focus on the intersection of education and equity, Meagan worked as an engineer for…

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Engineering: An Exclusive Club? May 13th #EngCulture chat

Is engineering for everyone?  How exclusive is our profession, and what can we do about it? All are welcome to the conversation: engineering students, engineering technology students, educators and professionals, and anyone who is affected by engineering (which is everyone!) the #EngCulture online event will consist of a live chat on twitter starting at 8 pm. On May 13th 2015, at 8 pm, we…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – Wed, April 29, 8pm ET – Why Mindset Matters

Engineering: It’s not just about skill. It’s about a mindset. Technical understanding is essential to engineering, but in order to truly unleash engineers to fulfill their potential, we must look deeper than just technical aptitude. Engineers find success and personal fulfillment when they couple technical skills with a mindset to create extraordinary value for others. Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset is…

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