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Celebrating John H. Holland: An Interdisciplinary Life

On August 9th of this year, complexity science pioneer John H. Holland of the University of Michigan and the Santa Fe Institute passed away. John’s work as a researcher and educator changed how we think about complex adaptive systems through his creative and radically interdisciplinary research, his role in establishing an early department known for a unique kind of interdisciplinary computer science, and his many students.

This episode brings three of Holland’s former students together for a lively conversation to celebrate John, the man as well as his interdisciplinary approach to research and teaching. Erik Goodman, Director of the Beacon Center, John R. Koza inventor of genetic programming, and Dave Goldberg, host of Big Beacon Radio, share their remembrances of John Holland and ways in which John’s interdisciplinary vision begs broad and full enactment.

Join Erik, John, and Dave for a lively celebration of John Holland and interdisciplinary research and education.

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