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Toward A Whole New Kind of Value Creation: An Interview with Kyle V. Davy

Increased specialization and expertise have been hallmarks of both higher education and commerce for many centuries. And this game plan worked sufficiently well until information technology facilitated low-cost integration across disciplines in new ways. The resulting misalignments and disruptions are felt in corporations as much as universities, and both struggle to find new leadership, new institutional structures, and new underlying assumptions, values, and artifacts to make their way. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg interviews management innovator Kyle Davy. In 2005, Kyle co-authored (with Susan Harris) the book “Value Redesigned: New Models for Professional Practice,” in which the authors suggest that old models of value creation are too narrowly focused on economic value to the exclusion of other kinds. Join Kyle and Dave to better understand this whole new kind of value creation and its implications for educating professionals and for higher education more generally.

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