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Engineering-Enhanced Liberal Education Project

Interested in exploring and expanding the relationship between engineering education and the liberal arts? Check out this exciting new project, the Engineering-Enhanced Liberal Education Project, spearheaded by renowned author and consultant, Sheila Tobias, in conjunction with The Teagle Foundation and ASEE:

When The Teagle Foundation embarked on an initiative to bring the liberal arts (including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics) into closer academic and intellectual alignment with professional schools and programs, engineering soon became our major focus. 

Our original goal was to see how the liberal arts – in terms of both the skills they foster and the content they provide – could play a more organic role in professional preparation, as opposed to being a segregated set of “general education” requirements too often viewed as obstacles to get past. We came to realize, however, that we should be supporting a journey in both directions. In the particular case of engineering, we realized that we should also be exploring how the undergraduate liberal arts curriculum can be enriched by closer ties to engineering programs and to the ways in which engineers are prepared for their vocation.

Want to learn more about Engineering-Enhanced Liberal Education Project? Read more here.

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