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FREE WEBINAR: 4 Reasons Why “Everybody Needs a Coach” Nov 27 & 28


4 Available Time Slots available on
Monday, November 27 & Tuesday, November 28

Choose one that works best for your schedule, so you never have to miss a webinar again!



Business leaders, Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates say that “everybody needs a coach”, and the C-suite, (CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, etc.) increasingly hire leadership coaches to help them navigate difficult business problems.  This practice is now spreading to other leaders, educational leaders, faculty members, and even students. This short, interactive webinar gives 4 ways coaching can help you in your work.

You will come away learning:

  1. Coaching is not what you think: It is not advice giving by a smarty pants know-it-all.
  2. Coaching is remarkably cost-effective and webinar attendees can attend free monthly group coaching sessions.
  3. Coaching is a form of humble inquiryin which the coach asks powerful questions and the client reflects deeply on possibilities, values, goals, and desirable results.
  4. Learn the four ways coaching can help you in your work.
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