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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – June 24 – Maintaining Vision in the Face of Adversity

Working to make any kind of important change in the world can be difficult, stressful, and at times, unfulfilling. Our University Innovation Fellows are trying to change the way colleges and universities educate students. Many of them have encountered resistance from their peers and faculty, and many of them have failed at one point or another in their efforts. In…

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Twitter Chat 2013-11-13, 8 pm: Non-Analytical Engineering Skills

Join Jeff Shelton, co-host of The Engineering Commons podcast, to chat about the skills exhibited by practicing engineers. Join us with your experiences and insights, as we discuss the manner in which engineers acquire implicit and non-mathematical talents that extend their professional influence. Whether you’re an engineering student, an educator, or engineer working in industry, we hope you'll find the…

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