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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Mar 2 – Entrepreneurial Engineers for Social Good

Engineers make a world of difference and help shape our future. They creatively collaborate to create the technologies that improve our health, happiness, and safety. In addition to contributing to the ubiquitous engineered technologies that make our lives safer, more enjoyable, and more productive, many engineers also use their incredibly transferable skillsets to contribute to social good. The March 2…

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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Nov 11 – The Engine of Change: Illuminating the Power of Intrapreneurship

We are dedicating our next Twitter chat to illuminating the power of intrapreneurship. We’ll discuss what engineering colleges are doing to cultivate intrapreneurs, the ten commandments of intrapreneurship, and discuss how the entrepreneurial mindset is what supercharges these engines within companies. For many, the phrase “entrepreneurial mindset” sparks thoughts of startups and new ventures, but the entrepreneurial mindset is bigger…

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