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Introducing Students for a Whole New Education

Students for a Whole New Education (SWNE) launched in January 2015 with a mission to empower students to take ownership of their education. SWNE is an organization of student advocates of Big Beacon. This is the first of many blog posts about our journey to achieve the changes we hope to see in our education.  Who are we? We are a…

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What’s in a Graduation? Twitter Chat for June 18 2014

At this time of year, thousands of post-secondary students around the world are enjoying the fruits of their many many hours of hard work and attending their graduation ceremonies.  It's a fun time, a celebratory time, and a time for families to show their pride in their graduate's accomplishments. It's a time for students to emerge from the fog of…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat: Pay Your Dues, Kid – Wed May 7

This post presents the topic of this week's #BigBeacon twitter chat - join us tomorrow, Wed May 7th at 8 pm EDT.  I (@engineeryrlife) will be hosting the chat this week.  All are welcome! One familiar practice in the engineering educational status quo is to swamp incoming students with work in order to get them to buckle down, get humble,…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – 5 Pillars of a Whole New Engineering Education, 23 April 2014, 8pm ET

Join me, Dave Goldberg, as I host a twitter chat on Wednesday evening, 23 April 2014, at 8pm Eastern (hashtag #BigBeacon) with the theme, The Five PIllars of a Whole New Engineering Education.  The Big Beacon manifesto (here in English, here in French) calls for A Whole New Engineer, A Whole New Engineering Education, and Educational Rewire (a new process of educational and organizational change). The forthcoming book, A…

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Join Host Dave Goldberg, Wed, 3 April, 8pm ET on #BigBeacon Twitter Chat

Invitation. Students, educators, engineers, and employers, lend us your tweets by joining a #BigBeacon twitter chat at 8pm, Wednesday, 3 April on Twitter (hashtag: #BigBeacon).  Join me, Dave Goldberg, Big Beacon founder and president, for a lively discussion of the Holistic Engineer and Holistic Engineering Education. All are welcome to just listen or to contribute your thoughts. How to do a twitter…

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