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Go Green Radio to Interview A #WholeNewEngineer Authors, Friday, 7 Nov 2014 at 12 noon ET

WNE-small-coverJill Buck, host of Go Green Radio and founder of the Go Green Initiative will interview Mark Somerville of Olin College and me, Dave Goldberg, on Friday, 7 November at 12 noon ET (9am PT).  Join us for an hourlong and wide-ranging discussion of the book, its making, and implications for the future.  Here is the episode description:

Go Green Radio listeners know that some of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century will require innovations in engineering that will continue to supply energy, water, food and *joy* to the world’s burgeoning population. Today’s guests, David Goldberg and Mark Somerville, are pioneers helping to create the educational framework that will produce the engineers we need for a thriving society. How can we “humanize” engineering education and create the kind of culture that produces creative problem solvers capable of envisioning and building a better tomorrow? Tune in and find out! For more information on their book, visit

Listen live Friday at 12 noon ET here or listen to the recorded podcast after the show on iTunes here.

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