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Creating New Realities in Tough Situations: An Interview with Adam Kahane

Recent events in France remind us of the large number of apparently intractable problems we face in today’s world. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg interviews Adam Kahane, Director of Reos Partners, and author of “Solving Tough Problems” and “Power and Love” to explore productive ways to promote solutions to difficult social problems. Perhaps best known for having facilitated the Mont Fleur Scenario Exercise in which a diverse group of South Africans worked together to effect the transition to democracy in the early 1990s, Adam works on dialogue-and-action around the world in a variety of troubling problem areas. Join Adam and Dave to better understand these new ways of talking, listening, scenario planning, and other process innovations that promote productive social change in difficult settings. Also, listen in to consider how these methods might be used to bring about more effective change in higher education and education more generally.

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