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Purdue’s Polytechnic as a Case Study in Transforming Big Public Universities

Many of the examples of successful higher education transformation take place at small campuses started from scratch or in relatively small extant departments, units, or campuses. One important exception to the rule is Purdue University’s Polytechnic in which the former College of Technology has been working for three years to become explicitly student centered, competency based, and transdisciplinary as ways to both transform the unit and to show the way to others who seek large public university transformation. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg and co-host Emma Schoenfelner interview Gary Bertoline, Dean of the Polytechnic, Jeff Evans, Director of Learning Innovation for the Polytechnic, and Rich Dionne, theatre faculty member and faculty fellow in the Polytechnic to understand and learn from this important example of transformation at a large public university. Join Gary, Jeff, Rich, Emma, and Dave for a lively and informative conversation about an important work in progress.

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