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Big Beacon Media Network

The Big Beacon Media network is a virtual community of change agents. Through this community we share our experiences, thoughts, fears, struggles, successes and observations so that we can all grow as agents of change. The network is open to all, democratic, and accepting of a wide range of perspectives, ideas and opinions.

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The mission of the Big Beacon Blog is to share critical opinions, trends, reflections, and pedagogical tools from the leaders of the engineering education change movement. The goal is to build a network of ideas that are provocative, useful, and forward thinking to engineering educators who are hungry for change.

Our Network
Our Producers
Joseph Tranquillo

Network Director

Salma Burney

Producer Coordinator

Dorothy Gorman

Project Lead the Way

Meagan Pollock

Natl. Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

Michael Johnson

Kern Family Foundation (KEEN)

Joshua Graham

CUBE Consulting

Athena Lin

Students for a Whole New Education

Kate McIntyre

Engineering Leadership Council

Pamela Rogalski

Engineering Leadership Council

Joe Parker

Project Lead the Way

David Goldberg

Big Beacon

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