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Attention Serious Educational Transformers!
Save the Date
2017 Educational Transformers Unconference
Sponsored by Big Beacon & Lehigh University
21-23 June (Wed-Fri) 2017
@ Lehigh University, Mountaintop Campus

Mark your calendars for the first ever Educational Transformers Unconference being held at Lehigh University’s Mountaintop Campus this 21-23 June 2017 (Wed-Fri).  

While the highlight of many conferences is a dreary death by powerpoint that results in little or no change back on campus or out in the world, this intimate and active gathering brings together some of the most creative, passionate, and active thought leaders and educational transformers to share, to reflect, to learn, and create with the aim of accelerating change in higher education and education more generally.  

Join Big Beacon networkers and other like-minded and like-hearted transformers to engage mind-to-mind, hand-to-hand, and heart-to-heart for the first time, share stories of transformation, and exchange inspiring ideas in the spirit of the Big Beacon movement.  

**The Unconference is scheduled in time and space to permit easy transport and connection to the ASEE Summer Conference in Columbus, OH.

Unplanning nearly complete.  The Unorganizing Uncommittee has been working to put together an inspiring and engaging unprogram. Check out our Unconference schedule here:

The 2017 UnConference UnPlanning UnCommittee,

Jeff Evans, Educational Innovators Working Group (EIWG)
David Goldberg, Big Beacon,
Khanjan Mehta, Lehigh University,
Emma Schoenfelner, Big Beacon,
Bill Whitney, Lehigh University,

About Big Beacon

Big Beacon is a movement to transform engineering education, and higher education more generally.  Inspired by the David & Goliath partnership of Olin College and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, starting in 2012, BB has worked to bring together those committed to a more humane and unleashing kind of higher educational experience as outlined in the Big Beacon Manifesto and A Whole New Engineer.  Using coaching and organizational/culture change methods, Big Beacon networkers work to bring transformation to educational institutions and activities around the world.

About Mountaintop

What might a 21st century environment for learning, discovery and engagement look like? Inside a former Bethlehem Steel research facility atop South Mountain, Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA is creating a vibrant and unique learning environment—a space in which students are given the freedom to pursue answers to open-ended questions while working in, and across, all disciplines. In the process, the students are challenged to increase their capacities for independent inquiry, for taking intellectual risks and learning from failures, for collaboration, for recognizing important problems and opportunities to effect constructive and sustainable change.  Mountaintop students and faculty will be in session during the UnConference.

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