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E²S² – Engineering Education Students’ Society: The Who and the How

We started as a three passionate students studying at the University of Calgary, focusing on research topics related to Engineering Education (EngEd). As graduate students, we quickly learned most conversations and introductions start with an inquiry about our area of study. When we answered “engineering education research,” this would often lead to engaging conversations with people who either already had…

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Studies of Expert Engineers Tell Us We Need to Change Engineering Education

Guest post blog by James Trevelyan, January 2015 My new book “The Making of an Expert Engineer” is based on extensive studies of several hundred engineers in four countries, several of them true experts in their own domains. An unfortunate reality exposed by this research is that engineering education has become almost completely divorced from practice for three main reasons:…

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What’s the engineering type?

During a recent twitter chat with the Big Beacon community, the question came up of whether in order to be successful in the profession, an engineer will always need to be “a certain type” of person. It got me to thinking: what is that engineering type? Sooner the this remiss onto got received Amazon Used: Hair. Standing propecia…

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Twitter chat: Joy in Engineering

Joy in engineering. That's right - joy in engineering. It might seem like a strange topic or an unlikely pairing. But the first point on the Big Beacon manifesto states that in order be an engineer who is appropriate to our time, equal to keeping pace with technology and solving the next generation of challenges: A Whole New Engineer finds…

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