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Engineering-Enhanced Liberal Education Project

Interested in exploring and expanding the relationship between engineering education and the liberal arts? Check out this exciting new project, the¬†Engineering-Enhanced Liberal Education Project, spearheaded by renowned author and consultant, Sheila Tobias, in conjunction with The Teagle Foundation and ASEE: When The Teagle Foundation embarked on an initiative to bring the liberal arts (including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences,…

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Big Beacon Radio Ep. 27: Student Power and Light: Hidden Keys to Transforming Higher Ed

Ep. 27 -Student Power and Light: Hidden Keys to Transforming Higher Ed When conversations turn to reforming or transforming higher education, weighty tomes are written, groups of faculty & administrators assemble, and new plans are made and executed, often without consulting or involving a single student. In recent times, business has gotten better at listening to the "voice of the…

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