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Stanford’s @EpicenterUSA Guest Hosts #BigBeacon Twitter Chat on #Entrepreneurship in #Engineering, 8pm ET, Wed, 8 May 2013

bb_twitterchatGuest Hosts & Special Guests. Laurie Moore (here), @EpicenterUSA, will guest host the #BigBeacon twitter chat at 8pm ET (5pm Pacific) on Wednesday, 8 May 2013.  She is joined by special guests including, Epicenter’s Associate Director & D-School #designthinking lecturer @LeticiaBritosC (here) and @BU_ENGR (Bucknell Engineering) faculty member and Epicenter visitor @JoeTranquillo (here).

About Epicenter. The National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter) is a National Science Foundation-funded center managed by Stanford University and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA). We are investing in the future of undergraduate engineering students across the country by helping them realize their potential as innovators and entrepreneurs. Learn more at

How to twitter chat.  If you’ve never twitter chatted before, don’t worry; it’s very easy.  First, get a twitter account if you don’t already have one and sign into it.  At 8pm ET on Wednesday go to and type #BigBeacon into the search box on twitter.  Thereafter all the tweets with the hashtag #BigBeacon will show up on your twitter page.  To participate, simply express your opinion by sending a tweet and be sure to append the hashtag #BigBeacon so other members of the twitter chat see your posting.  Alternatively, sign into the free service, type in the hashtag #BigBeacon, and tweetchat will automate the search and hashtag append functions for you.

Resources for the twitter chat.  There are many good resources for entrepreneurship in engineering including the following:

Questions for reflection.

  • How would you define entrepreneurship?
  • Is there an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your community? If so, how are engineers connected and encouraged to participate?
  • What are some skills that you see as common among entrepreneurs? How would these skills be useful for engineers?
  • How would engineering education as a whole change if entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity were more common topics in the classroom?

Join us.  Join us on Wednesday, 8 May at 8pm ET for the #BigBeacon twitter chat on entrepreneurship in engineering.

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