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Engineering: An Exclusive Club? May 13th #EngCulture chat

Is engineering for everyone?  How exclusive is our profession, and what can we do about it? All are welcome to the conversation: engineering students, engineering technology students, educators and professionals, and anyone who is affected by engineering (which is everyone!) the #EngCulture online event will consist of a live chat on twitter starting at 8 pm. On May 13th 2015, at 8 pm, we…

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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – Engineering Culture – Wed Jan 14

Welcome to Engineering Culture, a semi-monthly conversation about the most important values, motivations and assumptions we hold.   All are welcome to the conversation as we explore the culture of engineering students, practicing engineers, organizations and institutions. Part of the Big Beacon New Media Network, this show kicks off on January 14th 2015, live from the Engineers Without Borders Canada…

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Building a student-powered movement: #BigBeacon twitter chat Sept 24th 2014

  Hello Twitter enthusiasts and Big Beacon community members, Come join me, Erica Lee Garcia, for this week’s twitter chat about student-powered movements, collaboration and community-building.  We get started Wednesday September 24th at 8 pm ET, on #BigBeacon.   Recycling:  A tale of student-powered change When municipal leaders and engineers in Ontario, Canada developed the technology and infrastructure to make…

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The Engineering Commons Podcast: Enacting Change through Social License

Pamela Rogalski, CEO of the Engineering Leadership Council (a supporting affiliate of Big Beacon), is interviewed in the latest episode of The Engineering Commons Podcast. Learn the definition of "social license," and discover how change can be enacted by aligning common values of corporations and communities. Pamela reveals the central hub for decision-making in many organizations, and also shares the…

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Twitter Chat – The Whole New Engineer and the Challenges of the 21st Century

Post written by Marc E. Chelala: In today’s global community, issues we commonly face have remained the same, while our understanding of them has broadened thereby increasing their complexity. Undoubtedly, it begs to question the role of the engineer in today’s society and how it needs to change along with our understanding of the world.  Engineers may need to adapt their…

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Engineers Rule the World (or do they?)

Since joining up with The Big Beacon to discuss how A Whole New Engineering Education can produce A Whole New Engineer in the future, I have been thinking a lot about my own engineering education experience. Studying engineering is not just about academic rigour - though there is plenty of that! It's also about an identity; being a member of…

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