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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Mar 2 – Entrepreneurial Engineers for Social Good

Engineers make a world of difference and help shape our future. They creatively collaborate to create the technologies that improve our health, happiness, and safety. In addition to contributing to the ubiquitous engineered technologies that make our lives safer, more enjoyable, and more productive, many engineers also use their incredibly transferable skillsets to contribute to social good. The March 2…

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Big Beacon Radio Ep. 28: Most Likely to Succeed: A Conversation with Tony Wagner

Ep. 28 - Most Likely to Succeed: A Conversation with Tony Wagner The same forces at work bringing change to engineering education and higher education, more generally, are at work at the primary and secondary levels the world over. In this episode, join host Dave Goldberg and guest commentator Mark Somerville (Olin College) for a wide-ranging and expansive conversation with Harvard's…

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#BigBeacon Twitter chat – Oct 14 – Engineering Equity into Education

Culture shapes our biases and beliefs about people based on their age, gender, race, language, (dis)ability, or income level, often without our realization. We communicate our biases in our world, often unknowingly, through micromessages. The accumulation of micromessages over time impacts a person’s belief in his or her own ability to be successful in a course, class, college, and career.…

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Who belongs in engineering? Twitter Chat – Feb 11, 2015

If birds of a feather, flock together, then how do we make engineering ed better?  Stale stereotypes of engineering as a haven for rare birds persist, and continue to perpetuate an image of an environment that is not welcome to other birds, or even rarer- female and colorful birds. After all, a sense of belonging is a fundamental avian motive. It also happens to be…

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Unlock the Status Quo: Release the Whole New Engineer

Dr. Meagan Pollock will be speaking at the Engineers Without Borders Conference! The technological forces changing our world have illuminated a new path, a path leading to a whole new engineer, an engineer appropriate to our time and the foreseeable future, appropriate to the eager young people of our world, appropriate to those who wish to join the excitement of…

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Big Beacon SuperChat Launches A Whole New Engineer, 7:30-9pm ET, Wed, 1 October

On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 from 7:30-9pm ET join a Big Beacon SuperChat to launch the new book A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education (  The SuperChat is split into two parts: 7:30-8:00 pm ET: Hangout On Air, The Making of a WNE with Q&A and discussion via Twitter.  From 7:30-8pm Eastern, watch the live interview of the author/writer team…

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