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Big Beacon Radio Ep. 52: Shifting Minds: Learning How to Learn

Ep. 52 - Shifting Minds: Learning How to Learn In this episode, host Dave Goldberg welcomes back Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) pioneer, Barbara Oakley—fresh off turning in the manuscript of her latest book: "Mindshift". Join Barb and Dave to delve deeper into how we learn, explore the world of MOOCs and what they mean for the future of universities, and…

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Big Beacon Radio Ep. 7: Learning How We Learn

Ep. 7 -An Interview with MOOC Pioneer Barb Oakley Since the early days of the university in the 11th century, professors have lectured increasingly large numbers of passive and often bored students. With the advent of educational technology (EdTech) and massive open online courses (MOOCs), the possibility for scaling both the benefits and difficulties of higher education has been received…

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A Distinction between Expert and Coach: “I Know” versus “I Trust”

Recently on HuffingtonPost, I explored 5 Times in a Career When Academic Should Hire a Coach, and I stand by that advice and believe that over the coming years more profs and administrators will hire coaches to help them navigate the increasingly complex work environment that academic life is becoming.  For those interested in that article and the 5 times look at…

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MOOCs, Moola, and Love: The 5 Smooches of MOOCs

MOOCs and Moola   There was an article in the New York Times about how massive open online courses are popular and not yet profitable (here).  To me this is reminiscent of the rush to place newspaper content online for free, which, later, many newspapers (including the NYT) regretted.  The Wall Street Journal was one of a very few who…

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