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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat – 5 Pillars of a Whole New Engineering Education, 23 April 2014, 8pm ET

bb_twitterchatJoin me, Dave Goldberg, as I host a twitter chat on Wednesday evening, 23 April 2014, at 8pm Eastern (hashtag #BigBeacon) with the theme, The Five PIllars of a Whole New Engineering Education.  The Big Beacon manifesto (here in English, here in French) calls for A Whole New Engineer, A Whole New Engineering Education, and Educational Rewire (a new process of educational and organizational change).

The forthcoming book, A Whole New Engineer: A Surprising Emotional Charge (here) elaborates on these three elements of the manifesto.  Chapter 5, The Emotional Breakthrough – 5 Pillars of Transformation considers the 5 Pillars as follows:

1.  Joy
2.  Trust
4.  Openness

The twitter chat ask participants to reflect on the five pillars, consider which are adequately represented in a traditional engineering education, and which require additional cultivation.  What do we mean by joy in engineering education? Trust? Courage? Openness? Connectedness?  In what ways do these things enhance (detract) from engineering education?  In what ways are these things represented in engineering practice (or not)?

Join us for the weekly #BigBeacon Twitter chat at 8:00 pm EST on April 23, 2014 to answer these questions & more.

How to Twitter Chat

If you’ve never Twitter chatted before, don’t worry; it’s very easy. First, get a Twitter account if you don’t already have one, and log in. At 8 PM ET on Wednesday go to and type #BigBeacon into the search box on Twitter. Thereafter all the tweets with the hashtag #BigBeacon will show up on your Twitter page. To participate, simply express your opinion by sending a tweet, and be sure to append the hashtag #BigBeacon so other members of the Twitter Chat see you are posting. Alternatively, automate the hashtag search and append feature by using the free service Tchat at


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