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#BigBeacon Twitter Chat Taking Break to Relaunch After New Year

The Big Beacon team is reorganizing the content, format, media, and approach to out regular #BigBeacon Twitter Chat.  As such, there will be an extended break through Thanksgiving and Christmas as we make these changes.

The new, improved programming will restart on Wednesday, 7 January.  Keep an eye on Big Beacon blog for further information.  New features, format, and content are being prepared for the relaunch.

In the reorganization, Big Beacon is seeking new organizational partners and hosts.  Write to Dave Goldberg to explore hosting a Big-Beacon-affiliated program for yourself or your organization.  Some shows will be weekly, some will be monthly, and some will be less frequent than that.

To pitch your program idea, send a short email with the following information:

  • Your name and location.
  • Organizational/institutional affiliation.
  • Proposed frequency: weekly, monthly, other.
  • Working title of your proposed media proposal
  • Proposed medium (twitter, video, twitter/video, regular blogpost, other).
  • Three key ways in which the proposed program will highlight the principles of the Big Beacon Manifesto and/or A Whole New Engineer.  

Send the email to me, Dave Goldberg, at, and join us for the relaunch of Big Beacon twitter chat and media in 2015.

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