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Studies of Expert Engineers Tell Us We Need to Change Engineering Education

Guest post blog by James Trevelyan, January 2015 My new book “The Making of an Expert Engineer” is based on extensive studies of several hundred engineers in four countries, several of them true experts in their own domains. An unfortunate reality exposed by this research is that engineering education has become almost completely divorced from practice for three main reasons:…

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Launch Date Fixed: A Whole New Engineer, coming October 1, 2014

A Whole New Engineering is Scheduled Mark Somerville at Olin College and I have been working since 2012 on a book about transformation in engineering education.  The book is entitled A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education.  We are in the final stages of editing and production, and the book is now scheduled to be released t 1…

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A Whole New Engineer (The Book) is Coming

This week I spent time at Olin College in Needham, MA with my co-author, Mark Somerville, and collaborating writer, Catherine Whitney as we worked toward a first full draft manuscript for a new book,  A Whole New Engineer: A Surprising Emotional Journey.  We've been working on the book for almost a year and a half, and crafting the stories together…

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The Jackhammer Elegies: A Novel with an Engineering Hero

Editor's note: The following is an interview with Stefan Jaeger, author of The Jackhammer Elegies, and Managing Director, Member and Corporate Communications, ASCE.  To buy the book in paperback or kindle version, click here.  Without giving away important twists and turns, what is the basic plot outline of your book, The Jackhammer Elegies? The story centers around Scott Carter, a civil/structural engineer…

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