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Q&A with Athena Lin of Students for a Whole New Education

If engineering education is going to change, then that change needs to be advocated by the students who will make up the future of engineering. Meet Athena Lin, an undergraduate engineering student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who is doing just that. How did you first get involved with Big Beacon? Last June, I came across Dave’s writings about engineering…

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Olin College: A Whole New Kind of Engineering Education

Every year hundreds of educators from around the globe make the journey to the new mecca of engineering education in Needham, MA to visit Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. Find out why they go there and what they learn as host Dave Goldberg interviews Olin President and first employee Rick Miller to discuss how Olin got started, how it…

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5 Ways to Win at your Engineering Degree

This is a guest post written by Ken Palamara, a recent engineering graduate. He shares his experiences as an engineering student to help current students make the most of their time in college. Read more of his writings and advice at his website, Uncharted Engineering. When I graduated from Penn State University with an engineering degree in August of 2014, I was deep into the…

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“Big Boys Don’t Cry:” An Obstacle to Educational Transformation

The E-Word and Educational Transformation When Mark Somerville and I are were working on A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education one of the hardest things to acknowledge was the degree to which the transformation of education for the 21st century was profoundly emotional at the level of individuals and profoundly cultural at the level of organizations.  Fairly early in our work together (2008…

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