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Launch Date Fixed: A Whole New Engineer, coming October 1, 2014

A Whole New Engineering is Scheduled Mark Somerville at Olin College and I have been working since 2012 on a book about transformation in engineering education.  The book is entitled A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education.  We are in the final stages of editing and production, and the book is now scheduled to be released t 1…

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ASSET: Grassroots Change Effort Underway at U. Cincinnati

The following is a guest post by Gregory Bucks, University of Cincinnati. A grassroots effort is underway to improve the quality of undergraduate engineering education in the College of Engineering and Applied Science (CEAS) at the University of Cinicinnati.  The program, called Advancing Student Success in Engineering and Technology (ASSET) grew out of a conversation between EECS prof Jason Heikenfeld…

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